Purdue student vying for spot on trip to Mars

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – One Purdue student is hoping to make the trip of a lifetime.

Max Fagin, a masters student in Aerospace Engineering, is one of 705 candidates for the Mars One program. The program will select four of those candidates in 2025 for a one way trip to Mars.

Fagin said they are looking for candidates with a background in many types of engineering, like himself, but also have a pioneer spirit.

“This is something which I’ve been planning for my entire life. I have a very strong lifelong desire to explore Mars and to turn Mars into a second home for humanity,” Fagin said.

Fagin has also worked on building 3-D printers that may be selected to go into space. His project would would help astronauts create replacement parts at the International Space Station.

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