Overnight robbery at Cass Co. Humane Society

CASS COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — The Cass County Humane Society suffered an overnight break-in where cash and valuables were stolen.

Humane Society executive director Lisa Clark came in to work Monday morning to find her office door wide open and dogs out of their cages. The individual stole hundreds of dollars, a laptop, a camera and a television.

Clark said the burglar knew exactly where go taking out the security camera system, leaving drawers open and using the key to open their security box.

“I don’t know what the world is coming to when they break into a non-profit and steal from cats and dogs,” Clark said.

She said the money stolen was meant to buy medicine for the animals.

“My staff and I, we just can’t believe it,” Clark said. “We work on a very tight budget here and everything we do, I mean, we’re all underpaid. We just love animals. We do it because that’s our passion.”

No animals were hurt or escaped the shelter during the burglary.

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