Dishing up manners with style at Duncan Hall

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — A luncheon in Lafayette Tuesday teaches kids how to use proper manners.

More than a dozen kids participated in Duncan Hall’s Styling with Manners. The event taught children more than please and thank you. Participants learned how to set a table, the proper way to pass food around the table, and how to eat with manners.

After the lunch, a style show was put on by Francesca’s and JF & Company.

Duncan Hall Board President Judy Harshman said they wanted it to be fun, so kids would learn proper manners and have an easier time practicing what they learned.

“You can see when someone doesn’t have any [manners], it’s very obvious,” Harshman said. “So you need to know what’s right and what’s wrong and how to do things, especially how to set a table or greet someone when you’re out with people you don’t know.”

Harshman said the event also helps children become more sociable.

“If you stand there like a wall flower, it’s very uncomfortable,” Harshman said. “You need to do something, like say ‘hey’…and be aggressive.”

Throughout the fall, Duncan Hall is host to several classes on manners for first-grade children.

Harshman said they are hoping to add a course against bullying in the near future.

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