Suprising kids with free school supplies

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — A Lafayette organization is surprising kids and parents with free school supplies.

The Boys and Girls Club of Lafayette passed out supplies Wednesday afternoon. To make the giveaway more fun, children played bingo to win their materials.

Nearly $700 worth of school supplies were donated by the Dollar Tree through its Operation Homefront program.

Boys and Girls Club program director Dustin Bankhead said more than 100 kids received school supplies.

“I know it helps some of the families out because it doesn’t seem like a lot of money just to get pens and pencils for some of the younger grades, but a lot of kids also need uniforms, shoes and other stuff,” Bankhead said.

Dollar Tree’s Operation Homefront typically donates school supplies to military organizations. Since there were none in this Dollar Tree’s region, Bankhead said they received the school supplies instead.

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