LPD gives 4 officers awards for heroism

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Four veteran officers with the Lafayette Police Department received awards for heroism Friday morning.

Lafayette Police Officers Jeff Tislow, James Jarrett, Khoury Elias and Matthew Meeks received the Silver Merit Award.

In April 2014, those officers were called to a crash on South Street and Shenandoah Drive. When they arrived on scene, a pickup truck was on its side and the driver was stuck inside. The officers had to climb up on the truck, pry the door open and pull out the driver.

Officer Jeff Tislow said he was just doing his job.

“It’s a pretty remarkable feeling. There’s plenty of men and women I work with on a daily basis that do great things every day,” Tislow said. “A lot of times this is a thankless job. It’s nice to see the recognition.”

Tislow said the chance to help people is why he became an officer.

“The main goal when you go through the hiring process is, why you want to become a police officer,” Tislow explained. “A lot of the men and women I work with would agree — that it’s to help people.”

The Lafayette Police Merit Commission awarded each recipient with a plaque and placed a silver bar pin on the officer’s uniform.

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