Cell phone app helps save battery life on phone

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – A new cell phone application is helping people save hours of battery life on their phone.

E-star was unveiled earlier this month on the Google Play Store. The free app was developed by Mobile Enerlytics within the Purdue Research Foundation.

E-star tracks the battery usage of each app on your phone and also rates apps within the Google Play Store on its energy usage.

Mobile Enerlytics co-founder Charlie Hu said he wanted to give people more control of the battery life on their phones.

“The frustration users have with their energy drain of the apps, gave us the idea of — what if we could come up with an energy star rating of the apps that can give people the most intuitive idea of how power hungry apps are,” said Hu.

As of Monday, the app has received more than 200 downloads.

Hu said he wants to add a recommendation feature for the most popular and energy efficient apps.

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