Woman helps rescued dogs from Spain find a home

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – A Lafayette woman is helping rescued dogs from Spain find a home.

Elizabeth Mork and other volunteers from Sighthound Underground were at O’Hare International Airport Thursday to pick up Juan and three other Spanish Galgos.

Galgos closely resemble a greyhound and are used to hunt with in Spain. The dogs flew in from Madrid after being rescued from abusive homes.

Mork brought Juan home with her, while the other three dogs were taken to Texas. She said she has picked up dogs like Juan before and the breed can be quite shy at first.

“Some of the Galgos are afraid of men, sometimes, since the hunters tend to be men. So getting them to the point where they feel like their happy and that they can trusts humans, that’s probably the biggest challenge,” said Mork.

Sighthound Underground is a national foster organization that has brought hundreds of dogs in from overseas.

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