Animals taken out of farm at Prophetstown.

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – The farm at Prophetstown is suspending agricultural and animal operations for the rest of the year.

The non-profit organization is facing financial struggles and can’t afford to keep those operations going.

The farm itself will remain open for tours, but visitors will be unable to see the farm animals usually there.

Farm at Prophetstown Vice President Dawn Parks said their financial struggles are to similar to what many non-profit organizations are currently facing.

“We tried to keep our fees really low for all the education programs open and available for a lot of different kinds of people, so we really relied on donations from the public and that just hasn’t been sufficient at this time,” said Parks.

The farm at Prophetstown will remain open until November, when it closes for winter.

Parks said they hope to have agriculture and animal operations back by next spring.

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