Dakota Mathias earns high praise from coach Painter

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Dakota Mathias has shown a knack for passing during his time on campus so far, coach Painter has noticed and shared his thoughts on the freshman guard.

Mathias was well known for his sweet shooting stroke in high school, but his ability to see the court is what has caught coach Painter’s eye.

Painter made it clear, Mathias is the best passer he’s seen at Purdue in the last 10 years.

“Dakota is the best passer we’ve had in 10 years without question — point guards included, yeah it’s not close. He’s a guy that can really pass the ball and really sees things,” said Painter. “We haven’t had that high assist guy on our team ever. We haven’t ever had that five to seven assists per game. We’ve had good point guards, but we haven’t had guys that could really pass and have the vision that he does. He can’t get from A to B like some of those guys, but he has some attributes in the half court that I believe he could camouflage at that position while really playing the two.”

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