Study helps Purdue be more bike friendly

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – A yearlong study to make Purdue’s campus more bike friendly is now finished and ready for public input.

Purdue’s Office of Sustainability held a public meeting to discuss the findings of the Integrated Pedestrian and Bicycle Infrastructure Study. Two planning firms gathered input and analyzed the best way to allow bicyclists and walkers to travel easily around campus.

Transportation planner Jessica Zdeb said she found the biggest problem on campus is how bike lanes are setup causing confusion for everyone, including pedestrians and drivers.

“We’re helping people understand what the experience of the other person is. So, I as a cyclist should know that, ‘Oh wow. I should probably slow down to about five miles an hour when I’m riding in a heavily congested area. Or I should get off and walk my bike.’ But then, pedestrians should understand they shouldn’t walk in the bike facilities,” said Zdeb.

Purdue director of master planning John Collier said getting the public’s input was a huge help in getting cyclists and pedestrians on the same page.

“A big part of that is the education piece. That’s one of the recommendations coming out of this whole concept as well, to look for ways to help educate the campus community,” Collier said. “Not just bicyclists, but pedestrians and vehicle drivers as well.”

Collier said the final plan will be unveiled in October.

To find out more about bicycle laws at Purdue, click here.

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