Supporters & protesters clash at Trump rally

(AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)
(AP Photo/Isaac Brekken)

VANDALIA, Ohio (WDTN) — Tensions rose outside and inside of Donald Trump’s rally in Vandalia on Saturday.

The Trump campaign slogan is ‘making America great again’, but local protestors say he’s sending a different message.

A crowd lined the street just outside of the rally chanting, ‘No hate in our state’, with signs in protest of Trump being in Ohio. 26-year-old Tara Mullins was among those people, when a man shoved her and told her to take to sign down.

“If I have to take a push to show my support that just furthers proves my point, why we don’t need hate in this state,” said Mullins.

2 NEWS reporter Maytal Levi caught up with that man to get his view. He said, “The protesters don’t understand what this country is for” and walked away from our cameras.

For others outside, things were more verbal than physical. Both supporters and protesters would get into peaceful, yet heated exchanges.

Inside the rally, Patrick Khosravani ripped up a Trump sign when the Republican front-runner took the stage. Moments later he was put into a headlock by a supporter and then escorted out by security.

Khosravani says Trump’s views on immigration hits close to home. His parents immigrated to America from Iran.

“His speech is hate speech. It’s inciting violence and under the First Amendment, that’s not protected,” said Khosravani.

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