Hunger Hike helps feed those in need


LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – Runners came together Saturday morning in West Lafayette for a race to help those in need.

The Hunger Hike is one of Greater Lafayette’s oldest fundraisers, and the rain didn’t stop those who participated Saturday morning.

It motivated 14-year-old Nick Burton, who came in first place this year.

“I love running in the rain, honestly,” said Burton. “There should actually be more races like this that support different needs.”

There is a need to help people who are starving in the area.

Father Patrick Baikauskas said he didn’t realize how many people were going hungry until becoming a mentor at Klondike Elementary School.

“There are children running in on Monday mornings not because they’re anxious to get to school, but because they’re hungry,” Baikauskas said.

Each runner and person who donates to the Hunger Hike this weekend helps those starving children.

The two-day event raises money for the Food Finders Food Bank, St. Thomas Aquinas and Lafayette Urban Ministry.

This year, the goal is to raise over $100,000, and the community is close to reaching that amount.

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