Car collisions with deer on the rise

Car collisions with deer on the rise.
Car collisions with deer on the rise.

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — More drivers should be alert on the roads this fall because there is a higher chance that a deer may collide with your car.

This is the start of deer mating season and the animals are more likely to cross roads, resulting in more crashes.

State Farm Insurance agent Mindy Deno estimates a single-car deer crash costs an average of $4,000 in damage.

“One in every 136 drivers is likely to collide with a deer this year and that’s a 5 percent increase over last year,” Deno said. “They based that on claims data from State Farm Insurance Company.”

As costly as the wrecks can be, it can be worse if you swerve to avoid the collision.

“Deer do a lot of damage. That’s a big animal and, you know, we ask people not to swerve,” said Deno. “We want you just to brake and hit the deer in the road. Do not swerve.”

Deer often travel around sunset and in groups. If you pass one by the road, there may be others nearby.

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