Ivy Tech library expansion hopes to create more opportunities for students

Ivy Tech Community College (WLFI File Photo)
Ivy Tech Community College (WLFI File Photo)

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Ivy Tech Community College plans to renovate the library on its Lafayette campus in the next year to make it a more integrated learning space for students. But to make that possible, the college is ending a 14-year partnership with the Tippecanoe County Public Library.

The goal is to make the future library more of a 21st century model, with more technology and less book stacks. It will also be a place to foster academic success.

“We know how students like to study,” said Cindy Mitchell, Ivy Tech’s Regional Library director. “They like to be able study individually sometimes, by themselves, as well as collaborative.”

Mitchell said the plan is to add five soundproof study rooms to help create a space where students enjoy studying, as well more online databases and a writing row.

“The writing row is meant for students from all the divisions and from the college to come for assistance with their writing and their communication skills,” Lafayette’s Ivy Tech Dean of Liberal Arts Ilicia Sprey said.

Planners want the future library to be a place students can study and ask for tutoring help.

“They’ll be tutoring tables available there that will be expanded from what we can offer currently,” said Sprey.

But to make this all possible, a partnership with the Tippecanoe County Public Library is ending.

Since 2002, Ivy Tech and the County Library have shared the building space at the campus library.

Now, the college is buying the rest of space for $1.35 million. The funds will come from campus book stores.

“It’s an opportunity to get it exactly how we would like it to be, as well as looking in the future — what do we want this [to be]?” said Mitchell.

The community can still use the space but will need an access code from the library.

The construction will be done in phases, but Sprey said the library will be open during construction.

The State Board of Trustees will decide in October if they support the renovation.

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