Frankfort school shooting threat stems from clown sighting

Frankfort High School (WLFI File Photo)
Frankfort High School (WLFI File Photo)

CLINTON COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — Many in Frankfort are on high alert after a school shooting threat put schools in Clinton and Carroll counties on a lockout. Frankfort police said it was just a miscommunication between family members over a clown threat. But News 18 reports how a clown sighting is making one family fear for their lives.

Nevin Coy and his wife can’t erase what they saw Tuesday night outside their Frankfort home.

“Well, she seen somebody at the edge [of the window],” Coy said. “She caught them out of the corner of her eye.”

After they put their two kids to bed, Coy’s wife went to take a closer look and saw something or someone unexpected.

“They had a black trench coat on with a hoodie and they had a clown mask,” said Coy.

He expressed after a recent murder in Frankfort, this act makes him even more uneasy.

“I can’t sleep,” said Coy. “Not with everything else going on. I’ve had some sleepless nights.”

There’s been a rash of clown sightings across the country, but this is first to happen in Frankfort.

“I thought it was actually kind of funny, but now it’s not,” he said. “It’s actually here.”

But it didn’t stop there.

Frankfort Police Chief Troy Bacon received an unsettling call early Friday morning. A resident told Bacon someone was planning a school shooting involving students and faculty.

The call put many area schools on a lockout. The lockout only lasted a few hours until after police investigated.

Bacon said the threat was a miscommunication between relatives after they saw a social media post about the clown sighting. One person who saw the post called a relative, that relative called another relative, who then called police.

“It’s miscommunication, like the telephone game we would play as kids,” said Bacon. “It may start off with a purple dinosaur and ends with a cheetah, but that’s really how it all happened.”

Kids were able to leave school as long as parents showed a photo ID.

However, the sighting is making some Frankfort residents take a pass on Halloween this year.

“I’d rather not deal with it this year,” said Coy. “After seeing that in my front window, that’s all there is to it — no Halloween this year.”

Many say the treats aren’t worth the tricks.

Chief Bacon said this has been the only sighting in Frankfort. He says residents, students and school faculty are not in danger.