Busy intersection causes big concern for small town

WLFI File Photo
WLFI File Photo

MONTMORENCI, Ind. (WLFI) — A busy Tippecanoe County intersection is becoming infamous for crashes.

“They go into the ditches and roll over,” Montmorenci resident Sharon Reifel. “I’ve seen them on their hoods, you know, and on their roofs. It’s crazy.”

The busy intersection of U.S. 231 and U.S. 52 is causing a big concern in the small town of Montmorenci.

“This intersection is too dangerous to get across,” said Montmorenci resident John Lavelle. “It’s a nightmare.”

People who live near the area say crashes are becoming all too common.

“We’ve had so many wrecks out here,” said Reifel. “It’s almost like monthly or every two months.”

Reifel was home when a crash left three people injured Sunday evening.

“You just hear this big crash,” said Reifel. “You can tell. It’s metal — metal. After you’ve heard them a couple times, you know.”

Sunday’s wreck was the second serious crash at the intersection since Aug. 11.

Indiana Department of Transportation spokesperson Debbie Calder said engineers are reviewing the crashes.

“INDOT is continually looking at crash data for all of our highways, tracking serious crashes and programming improvements where mitigation is possible,” Calder said in a statement to News 18.

Although INDOT has added flashing yellow and red signals, overhead lighting, and an additional stop sign for southbound U.S. 231 — residents said it’s not enough.

“I don’t know what else, unless it’s a stoplight or something,” Lavelle said. “I don’t know what else they can do about it.”

Reifel added, “The red and yellow is not happening. Something needs to be done.”

The Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Office told News 18, according to their records they had six crashes without injury in 2015. Two crashes with injury have been reported, so far, in 2016.

However, they said that number could be different if another agency responded to a crash at that intersection.

In the meantime, Calder said INDOT will continue to keep an eye on that area.