Purdue political science expert weighs in on millennials, election

WLFI File Photo
WLFI File Photo

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – Tuesday was the last day for Hoosiers to register to vote.

In less than a month, Americans will head to the polls and choose our nation’s next president.

However, when it comes to actually hitting the polls next month, one Purdue political science professor said fewer millennials will be casting their votes.

“When you look at general participation trends, if you look at 2008 and 2012, there was a gap between millennials and everybody else,” professor Jay McCann explained.

He said Generation X voters, though, have caught up.

“About 60 percent of them participated in 2012,” McCann said.

But when it comes to millennials and the election, McCann said there is still a disconnection. But it’s not because of a lack of information.

“The younger voters, in general, are just harder to pull to the polls and that’s an old story in political science,” McCann said. “Whatever you think about issues, or parties or the state of the country, those attitudes tend to crystallize with age.”

One other interesting tidbit McCann shared, this may be one of the last election cycles where baby boomers will be the predominant force in the presidential outcome.