YWCA’s women’s cancer program and its wide reach of support


LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – As Breast Cancer Awareness Month continues, News 18 This Morning is taking the time to talk to the director of the YWCA’s Women’s Cancer Program. It provides many resources both for women being screened for cancer and those who have a cancer diagnosis.

“We start with education [by] helping them get screening and diagnostics,” said Heidi Kauffman, director of the program. “If they’re diagnosed, then we help with treatment. We’re finding many things after treatment as well.”

As Kauffman told News 18 This Morning, more people qualify for help than you may realize.

“Because of the Affordable Care Act, more women’s screenings are covered,” said Kauffman. “However, when it comes to diagnostic procedures and the deductible, they might not be able to afford that. They should give us a call. Our income guidelines are really generous.”

Another unknown resource offered up by the cancer program are prostheses.

“When someone has a mastectomy, if they can’t afford that prosthesis which are very expensive — they should call us and see if we have their size,” said Kauffman. “If we do, we just give them away. They don’t do any good on our shelf.”

If you want to inquire about the women’s cancer program, call 765-742-4375.