Board hears both sides of Warren County wind farm proposal


WARREN COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — Hundreds of people showed up to Seeger Memorial High School Wednesday to express their support or concerns for a proposed wind farm in Warren County.

A sea of teal and white filled the room – supporters dressed in teal, and those opposed dressed in white.

Orion Renewables is behind the $350 million proposal.

The majority of the wind farm will be located in the northern part of the county. A portion will also be located in Benton County.

Orion Renewables is requesting a special exception.

The company spoke before the Board of Zoning Appeals, addressing concerns such as sound and property values. Residents in opposition were also able to speak until 9 p.m.

News 18 talked to residents both for and against the project.

“The tax base is going to be greater, and we feel like it’s going to be good for the schools,” said Gary Ishmiel, a supporter. “You can help the ambulance services, the fire departments and many other services.”

“I’ve been happy being a bedroom community with not a great deal of industry. It’s just a very beautiful, rural setting,” said Michael Evans, an opposer. “It may sound silly and not a good reason to have wind farms, but we enjoy the sunsets and the sunrises unobstructed by the wind turbines.”

No vote was taken Wednesday night. A second hearing will take place on Nov. 9.