State Street Project bringing more West Lafayette investments

WLFI File Photo
WLFI File Photo

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — More development could be coming to West Lafayette as a result of the State Street Project.

The city’s director of development, Erik Carlson, said there are discussions to build a hotel and convention center.

He said plans are only conceptual at this point, but added the initial idea is to build it on the west portion of State Street — near Airport Road.

Carlson said designers have just approved the footprint of the project and still have to complete the overall aesthetics. However, he said it’s clear the project is bringing in investment.

“Developers have taken note, and investments are coming in, and we’re hearing a lot,” Carlson said. “And hopefully soon, we’ll not only be able to see the plans ourselves but be able to present them publicly and see those projects come to fruition.”

Mayor John Dennis said officials have been working to make sure new investments are coming to the city.

“They’re trying to make sure, as we all are, that it’s going to be the best fit,” Dennis said. “Not just for now, but for the future of the city of West Lafayette and for Purdue University.”

Carlson added, “As this State Street Project is being done, it’s really making the community a much better place for development to happen. It’s got the aesthetic, it’s got the feel of things that are urban in the 21st century.”

Carlson said the city will soon release more on the project, including a detailed traffic plan. It will give information on all traffic restrictions taking place throughout the project.