Big price change in World Series tickets depending on location


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — If you’re a baseball fan and looking to attend the World Series, you’ve probably seen the jaw-dropping ticket prices.

It’s amazing how tickets for one game can be thousands of dollars more expensive just because of the location. However, you can go to either ballpark because both Cleveland and Chicago are within reasonable driving distance.

It’s no surprise emotions are high for these two fan bases, and with a combined 176 years without a World Series victory for either ball club, emotions aren’t the only thing running high.

Cleveland Indians fan Michael Morrisson can’t believe how much people are spending on tickets.

“I think they are pretty absurd in Chicago. I don’t know why they are so expensive,” said Morrisson. “I know they are like three to four times more expensive there than they are in Cleveland.”

According to Ticket IQ, the average ticket price for Game 1 in Cleveland sold for around $1,500. However, if you are hoping to catch a game at historic Wrigley Field, Stub Hub has an average listing price of $5,000.

Lifelong Cubs fan Zachary McCrea won’t spend that much money, but knows people who will.

“I heard five rows behind home plate sold for $63,000,” explained McCrea. “To make 63-grand on a ticket, that’s a new car. That’s a life-changing sale.”

But McCrea knows all to well this could be a once in a lifetime opportunity.

“My grandparents lived and they died, and now my parents are living and finally they are able to see a World Series too,” McCrea. “It’s just insane that it hasn’t happened in 71 years, and I’m just excited to be a part of it.”