Vincent Edwards left off 32-player list of nation’s ‘best wing forwards’

Photo shows Purdue forward Vince Edwards. (Jesse Johnson/USA TODAY Sports via AP)
Photo shows Purdue forward Vince Edwards. (Jesse Johnson/USA TODAY Sports via AP)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) – For whatever reason, Purdue junior forward Vincent Edwards is often overlooked.

Maybe it’s his willingness to pass, his offensive efficiency, or because he plays alongside some of the most dominant big men in college basketball.

Regardless, Edwards is absolutely one of the 32 best “wing forwards” in college basketball, despite whatever’s College Basketball Talk says.

NBC sports writer, Rob Dauster, published a 20 player list of college basketball’s “best wing forwards” on Thursday, and Edwards didn’t make the cut. Furthermore, Edwards wasn’t one of the 12 players listed as “also considered” for the top 20.

So, according to Dauster, Edwards is not among the 32 best wing forwards in the country.

Lists like these are supposed to be fun and spark debate — mission accomplished. But to me, it shows a lack of respect Purdue gets in the national landscape. This article is just one example.

For example, Indiana’s OG Anunoby was sixth on Dauster’s list. While I do think Anunoby is a good player, and has a bright future, he scored a career high 14 points in one game as a freshman. For comparison’s sake, Edwards scored at least 14 points nine times last season.

Edwards is also one of two active players nationally to have scored at least 675 points with 325 rebounds, 175 assists, and 75 3-pointers by the end of his sophomore season. The other is Oregon’s Dillon Brooks — fourth on Dauster’s list.

The only logical conclusion to me? Dauster literally forgot about Edwards’ existence.

One thing is for sure. If opposing teams forget Edwards this season, it’ll be a much bigger mistake than Dauster’s list of “best wing forwards.”