Carroll High School students help paint the town


CARROLL COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — Carroll Jr.-Sr. High School students are helping paint the town of Flora – one mural at a time. Those participating in a program called TAG help bring new life to old buildings.

“This is more than just art. This is more than a large coloring book. This is more than just history,” said the students’ art teacher Branden Apitz. “I mean every one of these kids is doing this mural on their own.”

Apitz said it’s a good time-filler for students to express themselves in a positive way through painting. Through hard work, the group’s goal is to raise enough donations to help pay for its trip to Europe next year.

Historian Mark Smith likes that the students are incorporating local history into their work.

“I like it because they’re the next generation,” Smith said. “If somebody doesn’t, it’s gonna be gone – capital G, gone.”

The program is currently working to complete a mural outside of Carroll County Tire – a local company founded in 1945. The group is painting images of older cars to pay tribute to a car club that will be ending this year.

“We’ve learned a lot about the history of our community and Carroll County,” artist Elani Harper said.

The students even bring their younger siblings to help out.

“I just want to be like a good example and show her … this is what you can do we can work on it [and] when you’re in high school, you can be in TAG too,” artist Hilaria Serrano said.

Serrano’s little sister said her favorite part was “all of it.”

Artist Brody MaCurdy said it’s nice working with people he can relate to and be a positive role model for his little brother Tyson.

“It feels really, really good. Just the fact that he can look up to me and not see something that he doesn’t want to be,” MaCurdy said.