October Crop Report shows above average trends

WLFI Photo
WLFI Photo

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — Harvest season is quickly coming to an end around Indiana, and farmers are beginning to see how much their crops are worth. We spoke with ag experts about the most recent crop report.

“Tippecanoe County, Benton County, Warren County, etc. Yields have been pretty good, if not well above average,” Purdue ag expert Bob Nielsen said.

Whether you are driving along Interstate 65 or on back roads, you’ve probably noticed fields slowly starting to clear.

“Corn statewide, according to Monday’s USDA report was about 76 percent harvested. Soybeans were 81 percent,” Nielsen said.

Nielsen is pleased with how harvest season has been, so far. He said these past few dry, warm days have really helped the harvesting process and the crops.

“Folks have been able to save on some drying costs this year and, of course, the dry conditions, the dry field conditions, have simply made it a little easier to run the machinery and do a little better harvest also,” Nielsen said.

At this point, moisture plays a key role in the harvesting process.

“In order to store grain long term, it has to be fairly dry moisture content. At a relative basis, we always say something like less than 15 percent moisture content. Usually, we’re harvesting corn around 20-22 moisture.”

Nielsen said most fields are around 17 percent, right now, which tells him every acre of farmland should be harvested in the next two weeks. When it’s all said and done, he said farmers will be pleased with the results.

“The USDA’s October report put Indiana’s state corn crop at roughly 177 bushels per acre statewide average, which would be 6-7 percent above historical trends,” Nielsen said. “So, a pretty good crop.”