Learn more about the candidates running for Indiana House District 26

Candidates for Indiana House District 26 (WLFI)
Candidates for Indiana House District 26 (WLFI)

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — The race for Indiana House, District 26 is a close one, so far, and if you haven’t made your decision yet, here is some information about the two candidates.

For Republican Sally Siegrist, it’s cooking. For Democrat Victoria Woeste, it’s sewing. They’re both metaphors for the District 26 seat that they are both seeking.

“If I want more T-shirts in the quilt, I’ve got to get rid of something else,” said Woeste. “If we want to get a great jobs bill passed, we may have to give a little bit on the roads bill.”

Siegrist said, “Going out and doing a project that just benefits me is not nearly as gratifying as working on a project that I know is going to improve the lives of the people here in the community. So cooking is kind of a natural extent of that.”

News 18 asked what their top three priorities would be if elected.

“The first thing I would do would be to pass an inclusive civil rights bill,” said Woeste.

She said her second would be to change how the state handles public school financing.

“Because it is increasing segregation by class, increasing segregation by race,” she said.

The third, Woeste said would be to increase wages for working families.

“If you’ve got working parents who are making minimum wage, it takes them three jobs to feed their families,” she said.

Siegrist said first, she wants to create a permanent infrastructure funding fix that wouldn’t add to the state’s debt.

“Second, I’d like to tackle the mental health problem across not only our state but our country,” she said.

Siegrist also wants to make the drug addiction problem a top priority.

“We need a better treatment program for addicts and addressing their mental health issues, as well as their addiction,” said Siegrist. “But we also need to increase penalties for dealing drugs.”

Siegrist has been on the Tippecanoe County Council since 2014, and Woeste is a legal historian, educator and author.

Both candidates explained why they wanted to run in the first place.

“It would really be more difficult for me to sit on the sidelines, you know, to sort of be a Monday morning quarterback,” said Woeste.

Siegrist said, “I’m retired, and I have no family, sadly. So District 26 is my family, and I will devote all of my time and energy to it.”

Shortly after the primary, these two candidates signed a positive campaign agreement. Both Woeste and Siegrist agree, that decision was best. They feel like it kept voters focused on the issues.

Like Siegrist with cooking and Woeste with sewing, they know a lot goes into any project, but they hope voters will see what they bring to the table.

“It’s a nurturing thing, it’s a way to comfort,” said Siegrist as she was preparing a meal. “And that’s kind of what I’m about.”

Woeste said, “My hope is that if we have a good result on Tuesday, that we’ll have a legislator, a House of Representatives, that’s willing to look at the whole quilt. That’s willing to see what the laws do when they’re all put together.”