New Community School to close Dec. 31


LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — After an emotional meeting, New Community School board members voted to close the school at the end of 2016. Financial problems stemming from declining enrollment forced the decision.

“It’s hard on her because she loves this school. I mean, she jumps up every morning, ready to go,” said Angela Larimer in regards to her New Community child.

In a special meeting Friday night, parents and teachers sniffled as board members with New Community School voted to close down on Dec. 31.

“She just started school this year and now look,” said Larimer about her daughter.

The school’s charter sponsor, Ball State University, has determined it cannot afford to stay open. Board members had to decide exactly when to close, and it had to be before the end of this calendar year.

“We voted to rescind our charter with Ball State, effective Dec. 31. But then we voted to amend our school calendar, so that winter break will begin Dec. 12, which will make the last day Dec. 9,” said Jason King, president of the board.

Another possible date was Nov. 18, but King said closing a little bit later would provide more time for families to decide what’s best for their child.

“If they think their child would be better off left in the environment that they are for a few more weeks, and then take the long winter break, and then start a new school, a new situation, then we wanted parents to have that choice as well,” explained King.

The options aren’t just there for Larimer and her kindergartner.

“I don’t want her to go to public school, but that’s the choice I have right now,” said Larimer.

The school board also made a motion to contact the State Board of Accounts. They still have questions about how the payroll for the teachers will work in the coming weeks.