WL looks to make discrimination policy enforceable


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — The city of West Lafayette is looking to strengthen its city code when it comes to discrimination against sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and veteran status.

The city has had a resolution in place since 1993, which includes protections for sexual orientation. Gender identity, gender expression and veteran status were added in 2010.

City leaders now want to change the resolution to an ordinance. They said it will allow for enforcement.

“Basically, what it is, is that with a resolution, you don’t have near the legal authority that you would have with an ordinance,” said West Lafayette Mayor John Dennis. “It’s actually a local law, and we have the authority of enforcement in regards to particular issues when there’s a violation.”

The change will require two votes by the city council. The first vote will take place on Monday at the regular council meeting.