Corned beef for a cause

Sack lunches all ready to be shipped out. (WLFI photo)
Sack lunches all ready to be shipped out. (WLFI photo)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — For 25 years now, the Temple Israel in West Lafayette has been making and selling corned beef sandwiches for an annual fundraiser.

Every November congregation members make almost 3,000 sandwiches. They box up and disperse the sack lunches across the Greater Lafayette area.

Event organizer Michael Bauer said they have plenty of sandwiches.

“So in the bag we have a corned beef sandwich, a bag of chips, cookies, also a pickle, napkin and a mustard pack,” he said.

Rabbi Phil Cohen said it’s great the sale is so popular, but it’s about more than just the money.

“It’s a really nice burst of energy,” Cohen said. “It’s around a fundraiser but … people that don’t see each other except in the congregation around the high holiday and the people who do see each other come together for this cause.”

Not all of the money is used by the temple. The Temple Israel Sisterhood will vote to donate money to at least three local charities.

“It’s our annual fundraiser where we spread out all over the Lafayette area,” Cohen said. ” … It’s a real nice symbiotic event. We work really hard to put this together and the community has been really welcoming.

Cohen said the organization has already sold about 3,000 sandwiches this year.