Voters wait hours in Tippecanoe County to cast their vote early

Voters waited as long as three hours in Tippecanoe County to vote early.
Voters waited as long as three hours in Tippecanoe County to vote early.

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) – Monday, early voting in Indiana wrapped up at noon and thousands of Hoosiers have hit the polls ahead of this year’s election.

“I was here earlier today thinking I can leave and come back and it wouldn’t be as long and was I surprised,” Tippecanoe County resident Joe Egan said.

Other voters were surprised that it took them several hours before getting to cast their vote.

“I have never seen lines like this,” Tippecanoe County resident Joe White said.

Egan explained, “I’ve been anticipating going early because I thought, you know, Tuesday is really going to be crazy. So, it’s my own fault for standing out here in this long line.”

At one point Monday, the line to vote was wrapped around the Tippecanoe County Office Building.

“I should have gone last week, but I kind of waited last minute,” Erin Heller said. “I was expecting for it to be somewhat long but definitely not this long.”

Kayla Sandt said, “This is a little crazy. But I don’t know, I think it’s important that we’re all voting.”

White added, “The lines were courteous, and kind and I met new people, got conversations started and it was not a bad experience.”

Long lines or not, though, there was a common theme on Monday just before this year’s election. Voters said they feel like their vote is more important than ever.

“I’ve been all around the country and all around the world,” White said. “It is safer to vote in America than many other places. When I get back from Africa or Asia, quite often I’m ready to get down and kiss the dirt.”

Egan said, “I think people are afraid that if they don’t vote then the person who’s going to get in will probably not be the one that they wanted to vote for. So, I really think this really woke the public up.”

Polls open Tuesday at 6 a.m.