Finding forever homes for dogs surrendered in Battle Ground

Senior dogs, surrendered from a home in Battle Ground last month, are waiting to be adopted.
Senior dogs, surrendered from a home in Battle Ground last month, are waiting to be adopted.

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Senior dogs surrendered from a home in Battle Ground last month are waiting to be adopted.

Ashley Potts knew she could help and open up her apartment to foster, after seeing a post about the surrendered dogs on Facebook. Potts took in Maverick, one of the 64, through PawSwaP of Greater Lafayette.

“He has cataracts in both eyes so he cant see very well,” said Potts. “I think he’s adjusted really well considering. It definitely doesn’t stop him from exploring and running into things.”

She said one of the best things about the experience has been watching Maverick come out of his shell.

“All dogs kind of have their challenges, especially any rescue dog because sometimes you feel like you don’t know what you’re gonna get,” Potts said.

But she said it has been easy.

Some of the surrendered dogs are in foster homes, others in animal shelters like Crystal Creek Kennel. PawSwaP director Jennifer Gerndt said they work with the Kennel and took in nine dogs.

“So far it’s been nine, but we hope to take more,” said Gerndt. “We’re working on getting placements for four to six others.”

Gerndt said three are in foster homes and one in hospice care. The goal is to place the dogs in foster homes while they receive treatment and services from the vet.

“We’re trying to get some funding to help us pay for those things and the more support we get, the more animals that we can bring into our program,” said Gerndt.

And into their forever homes. Gerndt said the dogs’ quality of life improves outside the kennel.

The dogs are in their golden years so it will take time to adjust to a new home, but Potts said they will be ready for adoption soon.

“Their vaccinations, all their basic care that they need. And once all of that’s done, it gonna be basically just like taking care of any other dog essentially,” Potts said.