Local Democrats discuss plans to move forward

Local Democrats make a plan to move forward (WLFI).
Local Democrats make a plan to move forward (WLFI).

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Tippecanoe County Democrats gathered Tuesday night to share their thoughts on the future.

Many local Democrats, such as Alexander Mullenix, are still slowly digesting the results from last week’s election.

“I was very hurt and sort of let down,” Mullenix said.

He was one of many who gathered to think of a plan on how to move forward. He said he felt anger, despair and fear after President-elect Donald Trump won.

“I came out tonight to sort of see where our local party is at, to see what kind of people are still interested,” Mullenix said. “Because there was a lot of people who are hurt and discouraged now.”

He said he’s also upset to see so many local Democratic candidates lose – and he’s not alone.

“It was really nice to see the room packed, to see that people care. I’m wishing that I had seen that energy during the campaign,” Democrat Kathy Parker said.

Democratic Party Chair Heather Maddox was the mind behind the idea to get so many local Democrats in one room and discuss what’s next. She said she considered leaving her current position after the election.

“I did think briefly that I did not want to continue, and I thought about moving,” Maddox said.

But, after an encouraging text from a close friend, she said she knew she had to do something else.

“A lot of people came out that I didn’t even know were even paying attention and encouraged me to stay on it and keep fighting the fight,” she said.

Maddox said one way to counter her nightmare is with involvement. She said the first step is getting local Democrats to stay engaged with community events, including a “Love Trumps Hate” rally happening Wednesday.

“People are worried about violence and other things like that,” Mullenix said. “I think this rally aims to be the exact opposite of that.”

Maddox also encouraged people to run for office and make a difference.