City of West Lafayette reveals latest plans on the State Street Project

WLFI File Photo
WLFI File Photo

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — The city reveals the latest drawings of West Lafayette’s State Street Project.

Mayor John Dennis said engineering for the $120 million project is about 65 percent complete.

The preliminary design was presented to the redevelopment commission Wednesday morning at their request. The commission wants to review the plans and comment before the project moves any further.

Dennis said despite some minor changes, it’s still a citizen-driven project.

“We still are very strongly holding onto the concepts that were given to us by the focus groups that we started about three years ago,” Dennis said. “So the plans are still reflecting what the citizens of West Lafayette really want to see, as far as the State Street Project goes.”

Fire Chief Tim Heath said due to the size of the structure, the fire department wants to make sure they are properly equipped to fight fires there.

“As the plans come to us and we start reviewing those, then our inspectors and our deputy chief look at those plans and they go to the APC meetings and make the determinations of what we need to make that a safe place for people to live and work,” Heath said.

Dennis said the city is also reviewing another proposed development — preliminary plans for an 18-story, mixed-used residential building at South Chauncey Avenue and West State Street. He said the fire department is working with the developer to make sure the building properly meets all fire codes.