Lafayette residents to meet with council about preserving brick streets


LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — After a brick street was replaced in Lafayette, some residents are working to make sure other brick streets throughout the city are preserved. A committee of city council members will now meet to hear those concerns and discuss the topic.

Bricks were removed from Sixth Street, between Main and Ferry streets, in August. The bricks were replaced with asphalt.

“I’m just a little bit outraged by the clear lack of valuing something that’s important – that I think is really important – in our community,” said Ken Jones, a resident in the Highland Park Historic Neighborhood.

Jones said there are only 10 brick streets left in the city, which led him to write a proposed ordinance to preserve those streets.

“We need to work collaboratively, come up with something that preserves the inventory or what we have,” Jones said. “Value it and preserve it – as oppose to leave this up to the best wishes of people 30 years from now, who may think this way or may not think this way.”

The city council is willing to hear ideas concerning the old roads.

The brick streets will be the topic of discussion at an ordinance committee meeting Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at City Hall. Council President Ron Campbell said the council can agree the ambiance and history behind brick streets are worthy of preserving.

But at what cost?

“We have to balance the cost of replacing those cobblestones with other cobblestones or trying to find a duplicate of the one that is there, and that sometimes becomes a very cost-prohibitive thing,” Campbell said.

Campbell said the committee will then be tasked with making a recommendation to the full city council.

“From the standpoint of altering the ordinance that is presently written and make that a situation that the city can live with and, hopefully, the residents of that particular area,” he said.

The bricks from Sixth Street will eventually be used for other projects around town, city officials told News 18 in August.