Details surface regarding Purdue football players accused of sexual assault

Purdue football players accused of sexual assault (WLFI)
Purdue football players accused of sexual assault (WLFI)

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — After the law firm of Massillamany & Jeter LLP send out a press release asking Purdue University to expedite expulsion proceedings against four Purdue football players accused of sexual assault, News 18 requested the full investigation from the West Lafayette Police Department.

WLPD responded almost immediately, providing the documents that include statements from both of the alleged victims and those accused in the alleged crimes.

In those conversations with police, the two female Purdue students state on Oct. 13 they were hanging out in a room texting some Purdue football players joking around about having a threesome.

In a group text screenshot provided to police by the alleged victims, one of the women asked to have sex with one of the players and the other woman texted, “3 some?”

One of the women said she consented to sex with two of the men but said the other two men “just jumped in.” The other woman said she consented to sex with one of the football players but wasn’t sure about the other men.

Both women said they were drinking alcohol and smoking marijuana before the incident, but told police they were not blacked out and were aware of what they were doing.

The release, written by firm partner Mario Massillamany, calls on Purdue administrators to expedite expulsion proceedings against the players involved.

However, it has some contradictions when compared to the police report.

Massillamany said, “The victims immediately reported the incident to school authorities and to the West Lafayette Police Department.” But according to statements given to police the day after the alleged assaults, the two women went to Jimmy Johns for a drink immediately after the incident.

Next, they asked a friend to take them to Wal-Mart where surveillance video shows them going to the pharmacy area buying what appeared to be a contraceptive pill. The women confirmed with police that they bought Plan B.

They also said they went home and went to bed after going to Wal-Mart and didn’t decide to go to police until the next day.

The parents of one of the victims spoke out on Wednesday night, hoping going public would force Purdue to listen.

“These young men still get to attend class,” said the father of one of the victims. “They’re still going to social events, they’re still around other young women, and we need to see them off campus.”

Massillamany, the alleged victims’ attorney, said burden of proof is only on the state, but Purdue University is not held to those standards and should take action based on its student code of conduct.

He said at least one other person has come forward to him claiming to be a victim of similar actions by these players in the past.

The four players have been suspended from the Purdue football team, awaiting the outcome of Purdue’s internal investigation.

Massillamany says he hopes going public will speed up that investigation process, as well as encourage any other victims to come forward.

As News 18 has previously reported, the Tippecanoe County prosecutor reviewed the police report and decided not to file charges in the case.