A Lafayette family encourages adoption through their own happy ending

A Lafayette family adopts two more children (WLFI)
A Lafayette family adopts two more children (WLFI)

TIPPECANOE COUNTY, Ind. (WLFI) — On National Adoption Day in Tippecanoe County, News 18 followed one Lafayette family as they gave two children a forever home.

The recipe for a happy life is different for everyone but for the S family, there’s strength in numbers.

“Micki and Ken halfway to 10 or Micki and Ken on our way to 10,” joked Ken, the father of six children.

For the past year and a half, Carter and Cooper were foster kids in the S family. But on Thursday, Ken and Micki made their adoption official.

“I’m so excited you are my real brother,” said Caya, Cooper’s new official sister.

Ken and Micki have one biological child, but the other five are adopted. They all have names that start with the letter C: Callie, 10; Caya, 9; Cameron, 8; Claire, 6; Carter, 4; Cooper, 3.

It all started seven years ago, when Ken and Micki became foster parents.

“At some point, usually the [biological] parents’ rights will get terminated, which is always sad,” said Ken. “It’s not that those parents don’t love their kids, they do. It’s just for whatever reason they can’t — dang it, I’m going to cry — for whatever reason, it’s just not working out.”

Which is what brought the S family to Tippecanoe County Adoption Day on Thursday, where they were granted full custody of Carter and Cooper.

“I’m very pleased to sign a decree of adoption,” said Judge Thomas Busch.

In a county where 332 children are currently in need of foster parents, the S family hopes others will consider what Ken and Micki never thought they’d actually follow through with at first.

“Our encouragement would just be to anyone that’s ever even thought, like for a second, maybe that would be neat, or maybe I could do it, or maybe that would be a great way for me to serve — take the next step,” said Ken.

And even though the S family has found their recipe for happiness, that doesn’t mean it won’t get messy.

“You know, we’ve got our ups and downs like any family,” said Ken.

They hope key ingredients like laughter, kindness and love will keep life sweet.

“We want our home to always be a place where our kids, when they’re in college, they can’t wait to come home,” said Ken.

The Lafayette couple isn’t sure if they’ve completed their recipe just yet, it may call for another adoption.

“We’re still open to that idea,” said Ken.

But right now, they’re the picture perfect combination.