Confusion arises after multiple crowdfunding accounts open for Flora family

Donation bucket for Gaylin Rose and her family (WLFI)
Donation bucket for Gaylin Rose and her family (WLFI)

FLORA, Ind. (WLFI) — Many people in and outside of the Flora community are looking for ways to help Gaylin Rose after she lost four of her children in a fire on Monday. Some wanted to donate online but after multiple crowd funding accounts were created for the family, people didn’t know which one was legitimate — if any.

Whittney Draper was one of those people. She said she saw several GoFundMe pages but some seemed to be created by people who may not have known the family.

“Me personally, I will not be donating to GoFundMe pages,” said Draper. “There’s a lot that have been scams, you don’t know what’s legitimate and what’s not.”

But Draper still wanted to help so she’s donated directly to the Marathon gas station where Rose works.

“I know the people there, and I know for sure that she will be getting 100 percent of whatever is given to her from there,” said Draper.

There are about a dozen other places accepting donations for the family too.

Parrett’s Meat Processing and Catering owner Craig Meade customized buckets with Rose’s picture on them and placed the buckets at about a dozen other businesses around town. He said the family asked him to help.

“They were worried about someone they could trust with the money,” said Meade.

Rose’s father used work for Meade.

“It saddens my heart,” said Meade. “I knew the four little girls. I know their mom pretty well.”

He opened a bank account for the family at Lafayette Bank and Trust and also opened GoFundMe account, but Draper hopes people will donate directly instead.

“The GoFundMe, they take a percentage of it too, so they’re still not getting the full 100 percent that they deserve as a family,” said Draper.

Meade said he’s already collected several buckets full of money.

“It’s just a sad situation and if there’s something I can do to help make a difference, I want to do that,” said Meade.

He hopes people will reach inside their hearts to help as well.

Draper said during this holiday season, Rose and her family need all of the help people can offer.

“It’s definitely a hard time for it to happen that’s for sure,” said Draper. “Christmas will never be the same for that mom and neither will Thanksgiving.”