Council members hear concerns about Lafayette’s brick streets


LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Concerns from the public about preserving brick streets in Lafayette were heard Tuesday night.

An ordinance committee with the city council met to discuss the topic.

As News 18 reported last week, there’s a push by residents, specifically from the Highland Park Neighborhood, to preserve brick streets. They’ve even proposed an ordinance that would do just that.

Council President Ron Campbell said there’s already an ordinance in the books regarding maintenance of brick streets, but the city still needs to look at the legal aspects of the newly-proposed ordinance.

“[We have to] check with the city attorney to see if we need a new ordinance proposed to cover that. We’ll see what she says,” Campbell said.

Members of the Trinity United Methodist Church showed up with concerns about the poor condition of the brick streets near their church. The city engineer said she will be looking into paved crosswalks that would provide a smoother, safer surface for pedestrians.