Lafayette police investigate string of vehicle breaks-ins


LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — Lafayette police are investigating a string of vehicle break-ins on the city’s east side.

Sgt. Scott Galloway said the reports came in Tuesday. He said they were reported at businesses on South Street near the interstate and off State Road 38.

He said several locks were punched out and items like electronics and firearms were taken.

Galloway said criminals tend to select vehicles with valuables in plain sight.

“Typically, we don’t see people breaking out windows or locks. Usually, they go more for the unlocked vehicle. At this point, we’re even seeing cars that are locked,” said Galloway. “We ask people to put things that are valuable, hide them in the car or the trunk or take them with them.”

With Black Friday starting Thursday, Galloway wants to remind shoppers to hide bags and valuables when out and about. He said also be aware of your surroundings.