Wolves get a Thanksgiving feast during annual Turkey Toss

Wolf Park held its annual Turkey Toss Saturday. (WLFI Photo)
Wolf Park held its annual Turkey Toss Saturday. (WLFI Photo)

TIPPECANOE CO., Ind. (WLFI) — Wolf Park in Battle Ground likes to celebrate the seasons with themed snacks for their furry friends, and Thanksgiving is no exception.

The park held its annual Turkey Toss Saturday.

Guests were given the chance to toss the holiday bird over the safety fence for the wolves to enjoy.

The event also gives the park a chance to show their thankfulness for its beloved friends.

Park representatives said the idea for Turkey Toss came about 15 years ago with the leftovers they had from their Thanksgiving meal.

“We had an enrichment activity,” said head animal curator Pat Goodmann. “I consider it enrichment both for the animals and for our visitors because they don’t see wolves eat turkeys every day. On this occasion, we do allow visitors to volunteer to toss the turkeys over the fence, that’s why we call it the Turkey Toss.”

The three wolves in the main section of the park are Fiona, Bicho and Kanti. Wolf Park has a total of eight.

Wolf Park operates regularly May through November, but you have a chance to hear the wolves howl on Howl Nights – which are held Saturdays throughout the winter and into early spring, weather permitting.

Wolf Park will have a Christmas party on Dec. 17 and host an event called Winter Wolves Day in January.