Lafayette police say armed robberies increase over the holidays

During the holiday season, the Lafayette Police Department sees an increase in armed robberies.
During the holiday season, the Lafayette Police Department sees an increase in armed robberies.

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — During the holiday season, officers with the Lafayette Police Department say they see an increase in armed robberies.

This year, Lt. Brian Gossard said, overall, crime has gone down, but that’s not the case with armed robberies. He said in Lafayette, there seems to be a pattern to the number of armed robberies that occur annually.

“We’ll hit kind of high peak in late summer, it’ll drop down in fall and it’ll come back up around the holidays,” Gossard said.

Police report 12 armed robberies in Lafayette, so far, in 2016. This time of year, Gossard said people have a lot of items in their cars and homes, and that’s when the department sees an increase in thefts and armed robberies.

“Most of the time, these are late at night, very early in the mornings,” he said. “They’re at convenience stores that are open 24 hours.”

Gossard said in 2015, crime increased in Lafayette and nationwide. There were a total of 96 robberies that year, including attempted robberies, 16 of which were armed robberies.

“A lot of times there’s one person or group that’s committing multiple robberies, so one person will be responsible for half a dozen robberies before they’re finally apprehended,” Gossard explained.

Police said criminals are usually looking for money to buy drugs.

“They’re looking for a quick score,” Gossard said. “They’re looking for easy cash.”

Gossard said the police department relies on tips from the community to report suspicious activity in the area. If there is a problem area in Lafayette, he said more police will patrol that area.

“We would love a zero-crime community, we’re just realistic and realize that’s not gonna happen,” Gossard said. “And we’ll do what we can to investigate these incidents and hopefully prevent them in the future.”