WL Council to vote on resolution in response to white supremacist posters


WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WLFI) — West Lafayette City Council members are responding to the white supremacist posters found on Purdue University’s campus earlier this week.

In their precouncil meeting Thursday evening, members talked about about drafting a resolution to vote on Monday.

David Sanders made the proposal and said the resolution would acknowledge free speech but focuses on the fact this sort of speech is not welcome in the community. He said Purdue is such a large part of West Lafayette and it’s important for the two entities to stand together.

“White supremacist groups should not be pamphleting around Purdue. This is not the sort of place that this sort of message, really one of hate and discrimination, should be propagated,” Sanders said.

Sanders is also the chair of the Purdue University Senate – the governing body of the faculty. Sanders said the group has also released a statement concerning the posters.