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  • Wine appreciation course provides a STEM education in a cultural background October 27, 2016
    Purdue’s wine professor wants students to leave his class with much more than just knowledge of a beverage.
    By NICK HILGERT Staff Reporter
  • Purdue startup commercializing virtual reality sickness solutions October 27, 2016
    Virtual reality sickness has become a major challenge in the virtual reality space, hindering product launches and mainstream adoption. Despite such challenges, 2016 is being called "the year of virtual reality."
    Purdue News Service
  • New app to help students with special needs October 27, 2016
    Children with autism spectrum disorder around the world are going to be able to receive alternative methods of education specialized to them, thanks to Purdue University Startups.
    By CODY DENTON Staff Reporter
  • Band to perform pregame show October 27, 2016
    The Purdue “All-American” Marching Band will perform a 30-minute concert in Mackey Arena beginning one hour and 45 minutes before kickoff for each of the remaining three home football games.
  • Runners make debut at Boilermaker Half-Marathon October 26, 2016
    At 8 a.m. last Saturday, 1,265 people lined up near Ross-Ade Stadium to run the Purdue Boilermaker Half-Marathon, followed by 867 people preparing to run the 5K.
    By CLAIRE MARSH Staff Reporter
  • 15 couples costumes your significant other won't complain about October 26, 2016
    Halloween is right around the corner, so here are some super easy costumes to put together that your significant other won’t bitch about having to wear in front of all of your friends this weekend.
  • ZBT awarded numerous awards for house excellence October 26, 2016
    Purdue’s Zeta Beta Tau Fraternity has received multiple awards in the past couple of years due to having the highest amount of philanthropic dollars, service hours and GPA both on campus and nationally.
    By AVERY NUNEZ Assistant Campus Editor
  • Halloween weekend events October 26, 2016
    Halloween may fall on a Monday this year, but that doesn't mean you won't have the same chances to go out and attend some great events or parties. This weekend and Monday are going to be full of chances to…
  • Mixing energy drinks, alcohol may affect adolescent brains like cocaine October 25, 2016
    Drinking highly caffeinated alcoholic beverages triggers changes in the adolescent brain similar to taking cocaine, and the consequences last into adulthood as an altered ability to deal with rewarding substances, according to a Purdue study.
    Purdue News Service
  • Unhooking the hookup culture October 25, 2016
    In our STEM environment, the standard bell curve looms large and can be applied to any field. If we hypothesize that the hookup culture is one tail of a curve and permanent commitment the other, what makes up the median?
    By COLLEEN SHEEHY Executive Reporter
Debasish "Deba" Dutta was named Purdue University's new provost Thursday, May 8, 2014. (Photo Provided/Purdue University)

Purdue selects new provost

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. (The Exponent) – Purdue President Mitch Daniels on Thursday announced that Debasish “Deba” Dutta will be the university…